Hey y’all, my name is Ashley and I’m here to confess that I’m a grocery addict. There. I said it. I was hoarding groceries before it was cool. And people used to think that my pantry was insane, that is until all this COVID-19 nonsense broke out.

Food has been a lifelong passion of mine. I hosted my first dinner party at the age of 10 as a surprise for my Mom’s 40th birthday. My Dad let me plan and execute the 3-course menu myself.

I spent my time in business school obsessing about the food system and its many vulnerabilities. I co-created a company for online grocery shopping with the concept of developing a stronger and more equitable local food system. Spoiler alert: the company failed. I joked with my business partner the other day that we were a mere 5 years too early!

I’ve been in the restaurant game for 20 years at this point. I have had the privilege of working in professional kitchens learning from trained chefs working “the line” as well as what I endearingly refer to as “pastry land.” I’ve also worked the front of house and managed, and I truly miss the opportunity of serving and taking care of people with food on a daily basis.

My goal here is to share with you personal product reviews of the many food items I purchase, as well as give you ideas on what to cook or bake, how to start stocking your pantries for more infrequent grocery store trips, offering money saving tips that have helped me stock up without breaking the bank, and hopefully helping you figure out how to best feed your family on your budget in these weird times we’re living in.

I will be your trusty lab rat. I’ll blindly try what looks good so you don’t have to. I’ll try the crazy recipes to see if they’re worth the time and effort. I’ll try to grow vegetables from scraps and from seed to see if it works (and so we have less of a reason to go out to the stores and less of a reason to spend money!). I was born to serve, and this is the best way I know how to right now. Thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy the content and that it helps you in at least some small way.

With warmth and gratitude,
Ashley, Grocery Addict