Zoom meeting today 6/2

didn’t we have a zoom meeting today at 2:00. I logged in but waiting on host for 10 minutes to let me in. I thought is was at 4:00 but the email today said 2

There is one today at 11am pacific (so 2pm Eastern). Did you get in? I was in but had to hop off and am still waiting on Megan to let me back in :slight_smile: I remember she said her chat disappeared because she was screen sharing so that might be the problem.

Sorry about the crossed times, but glad you got in! The replay is in the membership (under Monthly Intensives section) if you want to watch the first little bit.

My apologies!!!

Just listened and it was great. One thing Casey told me to do was to add the FSRI blocks before the CTA block with 4 recipes with photos. He told me to stop listing similar recipes. I like the way it looks, similar to slick stream but the boxes are bigger. You do have to manually type in the id numbers but it doesn’t take long.

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can you give me a post where you did this? the FSRI block should be what category of images?

Strawberry Pound Cake | Butter & Baggage, I added it for more strawberry recipes at the bottom of the post before the recipe card