Yoast Premium

Hi EBT community -

I’d love to hear if you think Yoast Premium is worth it or not and why?

Thank you!


I’m thinking of upgrading the next time they have a sale, since they seem to offer them regularly. I think the orphaned content filter and redirect manager sound enticing. Would be curious to hear other people’s thoughts about it too!

Thanks Katie!

I subscribed per Casey’s reco for my audit for the orphaned content info; however, you don’t need premium for that feature. Thanks to @mamagourmand I learned how to do that. It’s up in your screen options in your posts section of your WP dashboard (attached a photo below).

So for me the redirect is the only feature worth having and I’m not sure that’s worth $98 so I was going to ask for a refund since I’m within my 30 days. I just didn’t know if I was missing anything else?

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 12.51.18 PM|690x168

I’ve been wondering the same thing! I’ve had it for a year, also for the orphaned content. I’ve fixed that and keep a spreadsheet to always link to new posts, so that’s looked after now. I really don’t find that I use the other features much, and I think I could live without them. I may not be renewing. I’m also interested to hear what others think.

So weird Lori! I also looked after that call and I don’t have that as an option! Looks like I need to upgrade if I want that feature.

are you in Posts? I didn’t think I did either and I was in the wrong section.

Yep, under posts! I only have outgoing links as an option. :confused:

One more thought Katie. DId you optimize your site under Yoast? I can’t remember if it appeared after I did that. It’s in “Tools”.

The feature that make this happen is the Text link counter and it is a free option. You’ll have two images on the far right - one that shows links pointing to the post (which in the grilled cheese I forgot and have none) and internal links.

This is to avoid orphaned content.

Absolutely worth the upgrade. For the expanded key phrases alone.

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Thank you- I appreciate it!