Yoast and Zapier?

When publishing a post today I noticed in Yoast that it said this:
Yoast SEO is not connected to Zapier. To set up a connection, make sure you click Save changes first, then copy the given API key below and use it to create and turn on a Zap within your Zapier account.
Please note that you can only create 1 Zap with a trigger event from Yoast SEO. Within this Zap you can choose one or more actions.

I can’t quite figure out why it would be good to have a Zapier account. Is this for organizing or can I have it push out a new post to social media?
I’m confused, does anyone use this feature in Yoast?

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Hi @Ginainga, I was looking around and found this article https://yoast.com/help/how-to-use-yoast-seo-with-zapier/ They use it as an example to publish on Twitter once the post is published.

I can’t think of another way you could use it. Hope this is helpful.

I’ll read through it, thanks.

I started the process to add it, but figured I didn’t have enough time to add one more thing to my list for promoting content and deleted it.

@Ginainga Not sure I’d use Zapier for this purpose, but I do use it for other things! It’s great for automating tasks that you’d rather not do yourself. If you go to zapier.com you’ll see examples of platforms you could potentially connect with and tasks you could automate.