WP and spam - how to stop it before it starts

New to WP and I already have spam that is filling up my recipe card comments. Some are links, others are books of writing information not relevant to anything food. Is there a plug in or some sort of activation of a tool I can use to get rid of this? Appreciate any help on this!

Here’s an article with lots of great tips & steps. As it mentions, Askimet is a popular plugin option. I think I’ve used another one recently too, I’ll have to check which one later!!!

I use askimet and haven’t had any problems with the spam. I also upgraded my bluehost, so like to no spam makes it in!


Is there a free version? I just switched to WP and honestly cannot fathom spending another dollar right now on another plugin. The initial investment for getting set up with WP is kinda nuts (another topic, ha!). So… just wondering if there is a solid FREE spam plugin available??

I’m not sure about that. Yes, it’s expensive. I just signed up for WordPress pro too. Then I can chat with them anytime I need it. I’m trying to revamp my website though and need all the help I can get!

I hear you! It’s definitely a smart idea to build a solid framework and go from there.

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Yeah, exactly. I’m trying!!

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Akismet has a free version! With as large as your blog is, it might be worth it to go up to the next tier though.

The other one I’ve used is Clean Talk. I think it’s a free trial. https://wordpress.org/plugins/cleantalk-spam-protect/

Also, here is what I wrote last summer about my suggestions for plugins. It also explains what they are and how to use … hopefully helpful as you’re switching over!


You cannot use Akismet if you had ads, you have to use a paid version (and they’ve been cracking down on this). Antispam bee is another free plugin that seems to work just as well :slight_smile:


What about other types of website that is not hosted on wordpress? Just like this blog, I want to use the reviews products of some electric smoker.

Where is the website hosted? Most other platforms will have options already included with them, either automatically included or you would download an additional “plugin” through their system.