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Hello again everyone! Y’all may get sick of me, but I’m back with another question about wordpress. We downloaded it, and there are many “drag and drop” page builder plug ins. A friend of mine that is in digital marketing and has done some sites says that her uses beaver builder. Is it worth the 100 bucks, does anyone have experience with this, and if so, what do you suggest?

WordPress now uses a block based editor and I find that is easier than using a page builder. I work with different WordPress themes and Kadence is a great theme that has a free version and a PRO version that is worth it. They also have Starter themes that you can use to get your website started and there are a TON of video tutorials online to get started. That is my personal opinion that blocks is easier to use than a page builder. There is a learning curve, but so much information out there to get started.

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Not sick of you! :blush:

I would think about using one of the more common ones for food bloggers. Kadence is a great one - the parent company for that is Restored316 (https://restored316designs.com/)

Feast (https://feastdesignco.com/) is another very common one that people use a lot, and it is also very easy to install.

I would suggest starting with one of those.

I use Restored 316 and it’s much easier for me to things rather than using what ever wordpress has to offer. If you subscribe to their newsletter, they give a discount code for your purchase, I think 15%. But it’s worth the money.

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I downloaded Feast, trying to use it, completely confused and lost. Is there a tutorial out there or some kind of step by step help specific to Feast? I thought that this would make it easier to figure out, but I actually feel even more confused, very frustrating.

Feast has a lot of great articles on how to do things. Here’s one that might help: Feast Plugin Setup - Feast Design Co.

If you’re still confused, reach out to the people at Feast - they’re pretty responsive and should be able to point you in the right direction!

I’ve been sending support tickets to them every day, as many as 5. This is probably the most frustrating process I’ve ever been through in my life, and I’ve had to re-learn how to walk twice. Nothing is simple to do at all, nothing is intuitive, and even the tutorials and videos usually just add to my level of confusion. I’m really trying not to just give up, especially since we’ve already invested way too much money into this, but I’m tired of crying and screaming, to be completely honest.

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@Jason I can tell you’re frustrated, and I’m so sorry this process has been difficult for you. Would it be helpful to take a day or two away from things, just to kind of calm down and recenter yourself, then come back to it?

I wish there was something more I could do to help, but it’s been a long time since I started my blog and I don’t have a great memory about everything involved (just that it was time consuming but relatively straight forward).

If it would help I can try and think of resources that might be useful. Let me know.