Wine with chili?

I’m updating an article that ranks pretty well about “wine with chili”. If you happen to have a chili recipe that you’ve enjoyed with a glass of wine, please share a link to your recipe and mention the wine you’ve had with it and I may link to it if it represents a new idea.

Also, if you have a good white chili recipe, regardless of whether you’ve had wine with it, please let me know. I’d like to try it and test out pairings for it.

(wine pairing is a big focus of my blog so beyond this request, if you’re ever interested in collaborating around wine pairing for a recipe you are working on, please let me know!)

I don’t have a suggestion for wine with chili but I love that this is your focus on pairings since we’re nubes on this topic but enjoy wine, so I’m off to check it out for a date night with my hubby! I love to cook for us and then find a good wine.

Megan has this spicy IP turkey chili - what would you pair with it?

That looks a bit like a turkey chili I make, but might be a bit spicier. I will have to try it to know for sure. But I would be inclined to go with a fruit forward rosé, at least medium body. McBride Sisters rosé I’ve had recently with fairly spicy fare.

I sparkling wine might be another option – not bone dry, a hint of sweetness. Sparkling Vouvray comes to mind.

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