Why do you LOVE being a food blogger? ♥️

I know it can feel pretty frustrating at times to be a food blogger, so let’s take some time to share some reasons why it’s awesome!


Ha! Frustrating can be such an understatement!

I love this idea because there really are so many good things about being food bloggers. My favorite things…

  • I get to do things I love doing, almost to a fault. I love my work so much.
  • The flexibility! I get to be as involved as I want to be in my boys’ lives and activities.
  • The delicious food, of course.
  • The people. Food bloggers are the best people and I love connecting with them so much!

I love the variety involved in food blogging. It causes me to develop recipes that I really like, learn new things all the time, and allows a flexible schedule.


Even I love discussing food connecting with food bloggers it is the best form to share culture the recent blog I loved was about sikkim food

I am living in a house with my husband in Raleigh, North Carolina. Recently, I become a grandmother. Despite my age, I am a big fan of technologies, especially when it comes to kitchen help.

I like to review cooking gear, I rely on my experience as a major family cook and ex-chef in a cafe. It’s a kind of hobby and I like to help others somehow


Being a food blogger, I can share my ideas with people who love cooking and reading food recipes. It is good to share the knowledge.

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I realized that being a blogger is really cool! Yes, you work more, but at the same time, you have more freedom. After I got the first thousand followers on Instagram, the first advertiser came to me. I didn’t look for him at all. Yes, I advertised a massage chair (one of those), not very thematic for my blog, but I got my first money (I filmed how I was preparing a dish, then I sat down in this massage chair and advertised it. Not very creative, but this was my very first ad). And most importantly, I do what I love and get pleasure from it every day!

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I love it, @duckinduck …hard work pays off!