Who's up for retreating with us?!

Hey everyone! My team (my VA @melissat , my husband and our awesome chef friend Ryan from Cookery Amendola) and I are getting SUPER excited to host a handful of food bloggers here in St Paul, MN, for a few days in May! It is going to be such a fun retreat experience, filled with learning, connecting, probably some shenanigans and amazing food. We have a few bedrooms to fill, so hope you’ll consider joining us!

Check out the fun IG reel Chef Ryan and I put together. :slight_smile:


I know this would be so amazing to be there. Want to move it to the Smoky Mountains? :smile:

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Maybe someday! For now, boring ol’ (and sometimes cold) MN. :smirk:

I would like to go, but that week is the birthday of my oldest son and my husband. :sweat:
when will it be next?

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Next retreat will be the second to last weekend in September. More info coming soon!

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