Who to use for audit besides Casey

I would love to get an audit so I know what needs to be cleaned up before I take my blog full time. I contacted Casey but can’t get in until Oct or so. I have an old blog but it’s a small hobby type so I was going to do one of his mini audits. I need more help with my back end, SEO, backlinks, page speed and such. Can y’all suggest anyone else that might be good for a small food blog. I talked to some local companies here in Augusta but they just don’t understand food blogging.

Hey @Ginainga!

I think we connected elsewhere a week or so ago, but I wanted to jump in here and mention a few options.

I do offer mini and full audits, they tend to be more front-end. They look over accessibility issues, basics of SEO, notes on page speed and similar. You can read about the audits on my website, or just message me on here or email me at bethany@cadiamarketing.com and we can talk and see what we can work out.

I know @graceandvine is currently doing accessibility audits & some fixes, and also has a DIY website audit download that could help you get started.

Beyond that, I’m not sure of who else. It sounds like you’ve talked to a few people, what are you looking for specifically that you can’t find?

I wouldn’t focus too much on it being someone who knows food blogging specifically, but I think someone who understands blogging, in general, is important as that can be different than a “business website.”

Thanks @BethanySmith for the recommendations :slight_smile:


Yep, I remember now. Food Blogger Pro. I have hung around there since 2016 but just now got active again.
Thanks again!