Who do you host with?

I have been with a local host company for 6 years. I know I need to move to a better one but have put it off because I don’t know who to use. I am concerned about page speed and customer service mostly. Ease of use might be good too.
Any suggestions on who y’all might recommend.

Ugh, I feel like this question is hard because everyone has opinions and things can change so much in a few years.

BigScoots is popular - the Eat Blog Talk site was recently moved to them. I think they’ve been having some downtime issues though.

I know Flywheel is also really popular.

I’d love to hear what others use. @graceandvine is there one you usually suggest for your clients?

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I’ve worked with a lottttt of hosts because my clients are all over the place. Bigscoots is great - but I haven’t heard of any issues with downtime lately. Another favorite that is a bit more expensive is WP Engine and/or Kinsta.

It also depends on the size of your blog, Siteground has great support, but they’re definitely not as fast/premium as the others mentioned!


I was on Flywheel and they were good, but my plan got too expensive. Switched to BigScoots and am extremely happy! Their customer service is much better than even Flywheel was. They had a downtime issue the other day, which has never happened before as far as I know. My site didn’t have an outage, and never has since I’ve been with them.

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