Who can help? site map needs checked

I started going into each category to add text and links like we mentioned on our call. I am wondering now looking through if my site map could be better.
I notice that my site flow = this from the menu: Appetizers + Snacks Archives | Intentional Hospitality (category/recipes/appetizer-recipes/)
But when I go in to edit within my pages dashboard I have this: Appetizers + Snacks | Intentional Hospitality (/recipes/appetizers-snacks/)which takes me to a page I have never set up.
I know this doesn’t make much sense but I am wondering when I get crawled if I don’t have it set up right.
So, the question is. Is there someone out there that I can hire to do a quick fix type thing for my site map. Check it and tweak the backend.

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I’ve used Grayson Bell at I-mark for things like this. Contact iMark Interactive

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I don’t think you necessarily need to pay someone to help you. Especially if you haven’t done some investigating it (by all means, if you have the income and want to pay someone, I’m not trying to dissuade you).

I would look at the sitemaps in Google search console first to see what is being crawled. First step is to see what sitemaps Google recognizes and then see what URLs are in your category sitemap.

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You are right, my search console looks good. I might leave well enough alone. I have tried to get signed up for a mini audit with Casey but they are not even opening the schedule at this point. so… i wait. I’ll just keep plugging along and finish updating all my content and get some digital products set up to sell.

In that case, you can ignore this. It’s not an issue so you can worry about other things :slight_smile: Sometimes WordPress can display things for you to see as an admin but they have no impact on your sitemap (which you SEO plugin should take care of).

Good luck. And you don’t always need Casey. I believe you can succeed just based on what you already know and the free info that’s easily found (if you aren’t sure, just ask any friends who have had an audit :wink: )