Where to spend your $ first

After listening to How To Create A Lot With Very Little podcast I started pondering a question.
I have had my blog for 6 or so years and it has hovered around 11,000 page views per month. I am not very active due to health issues but am now ready to jump in full time to start creating an income.

Q. Where would y’all suggest spending your money first to get page views up and an income started?

I already pay for tailwind, canva and am pondering going back with convert kit. Would love to hear everyone’s opinion and experiences with this.



Love this question!

I’d say to focus on something where you can get a quick turnaround on making money. So maybe creating something like an ebook? So, I’d invest money in a course that teaches you how, or tools to make it. (I know you said you already use Canva!)


@Ginainga great question!

I have a few suggestions! Focus on getting your Pinterest traffic up, so create new pins for older content and circulate. Also, do testing with pins to see what works and once you figure out what works for you, do more of that. I just interviewed the amazing @Heykristiehill and she has so much Pinterest knowledge and she inspired me to put a focus on Pinterest again.

Also, I agree with Bethany about creating something like an ebook. An even easier option would be to become part of the Prepear platform and create a digital cookbook there. It’s a much less tedious process and it would be an additional revenue stream.

Have you ever focused on affiliate $? I’m definitely not an expert in this area but I know a lot of people who make decent money this way, too.


I agree re Pinterest, plus it’s free. I don’t use Tailwind anymore. I directly upload animated pins that I’ve created in Canva. Those are doing very well on the platform. My static image pins are not doing as well, so I’ve been uploading the animated pins exclusively. My Pinterest traffic has increased by more than 50% since I started doing that.


What is a preparer platform? I’d love to hear more about this.

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Hi @Shanelle ! Prepear is a connected recipe platform for food bloggers to diversify their revenue streams while giving their readers the best digital recipe experience online. It’s basically a place for you to upload your own recipes, then share with your audience for a better user experience for them. You can earn revenue when users use your recipes on the Prepear platform and if you create digital cookbooks within the platform.

Visit https://prepear.com/ to apply! The last I heard there was a bit of a waiting list for new bloggers to sign up, but it wouldn’t hurt to get on the list if this sounds like something you might be interested in checking out!

Also, if you want additional information about the platform listen to Eat Blog Talk Episode 79!


I applied for Prepear and was accepted right away. No wait at all. I haven’t made any money on the platform yet, but I attribute that to not having many recipes at this point.

As a Prepear Pro, you also get a free gold account meaning that you can use the platform ad-free and you get free access to the cookbooks and meal plans. They still compensate the bloggers who contributed the recipes though.

As a user, I love cooking from the platform and have made several recipes in the last month since I joined. It’s very user friendly and they have designed it in such a way that it makes the recipes easy to follow and your phone never goes into sleep mode while you’re cooking, which is great when you have chicken hands!


I’m going to try some animated pins! Fun

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Hi @megan & @Sandra, I listened to the podcast and it was great. Thank you. The only thing I missed was the hurdle required to get accepted. I know they said minimum 30 recipes but I missed the minimum number of page views. Thanks Jodie