What's your WIN for this week?

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! (or weekend, depending on where you are in the world!).

I’d love for us to share some wins. Every week bring something different to the table, and celebrating our wins are very exciting and motivating.

My win for the week is that I finally shared my very first recipe post of 2022!!! I hadn’t posted anything new in over a month, and was very hesitant to get back to work… since I have been learning more about SEO, it’s been a little intimidating. But I just went for it and just applied whatever SEO knowledge I have!

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Happy Friday! Congrats on posting your first recipe! I just took a look at it and noticed that you have an “other recipes you might like” section at the end, which is such a great idea!

My win is similar in that I feel like I’m finally getting back into a social media and posting routine. Everything went a bit wonky over the new years, so it’s good to be back in the swing of things and have a couple of posts scheduled instead of scrambling to get things done at the last minute!

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@mayaskitchendaydream wow thank you so much for that feedback!! I have been working on the structure of my posts to make it a bit more seamless, got some really great advice from the EBT mastermind group! Also pieced a few suggestions I got from a blogging course I have been watching.

Congratulations on your win!!! same for me… the holidays/new year just threw me off completely lol. But I am back to utilizing my Google Calendar, at least to help me plan… takes some time, but we got this!

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@girlappetit That corn chowder looks delicious. And yay for applying all the SEO wisdom.

No big wins here. It’s been a rough few months so I am thankful it’s been a very boring week. I did get my Lemon Meringue Eclair post online - it was one of those posts I dreaded writing (SO many steps)


@austrianwithwuff sometimes we just need to take some time to catch out breath! but amazing job on getting that post up!! keep it up!!

Happy 2022 everyone! My big win… I was approved for Mediavine! I had a goal to qualify and apply by the end of 2021, which I did. They did final approvals on my application this week and I went live yesterday with ads!


@saporitokitchen YAYYYY! This is huge! Nice work and congrats!

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@saporitokitchen WOW this is HUGE!!! congratulations!!!

Thank you so much! It still doesn’t seem real :slight_smile: