What's your favorite seasoning and/or spice?

I thought this would be a fun question for today! What’s your favorite seasoning and/or spice?

I mainly bake and cardamom has become my secret ingredient. I often add it now to give a little extra flavor that many people aren’t as familiar with!


I literally never think to use cardamom, but it’s soo good! My go-to lately for doing a quick spruce-up is cumin. I also use cayenne pepper in just about everything. :slight_smile:

I sometimes add just a teeny bit of cayenne pepper to baked goods, too. People are always pleasantly surprised by the little kick.

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I have too many favourite spices, i could never just choose one. But if I only had to one have blend of spices to use for the rest of my life would be the Baharat (middle eastern spice blend) I use it with almost everything.

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