What's your blogging routine?

Hey everyone!!

Hope you are having an amazing first week of 2022. I would love for us to share what our blogging routine looks like :grinning: Do you cook on certain days? Write your posts on other days? Especially for those of us who still work a part time or full time job, it can get a little challenging balancing both our work and our blog.


Hi! I work full-time in a 9-5 and blog part-time. I do all my baking and photographing/video-ing on the weekends. I try not to be on my computer on the weekends at all just because I can’t bake or photograph during the week so I use the weekends to dedicate to those things.

During the week, I work on editing and drafting my blog posts, updating old content, taking pieces of courses, etc. I don’t have dedicated days of the week for certain tasks, although I do typically meet with my VA virtually on Mondays so that sets the tone for what we’re each going to tackle during the week. And, if I have any sponsored work, that will dictate what time I’m allocating where and when.

I also use the time in the car to listen to podcasts - I like to use all my alone time as much as possible, although there are definitely times I just need to crank up the music. I know this might be super helpful, but that’s what I do!


@kickassbaker We become super efficient when we need to be, right? It sounds like you have your schedule super dialed in. I loved reading about how you make your weeks work, with a FT job AND A blog!

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I love this question @girlappetit ! I personally love batching. I don’t have set days for cooking, but when I do cook I will cook and photograph as much as possible in one day. Same with writing blog posts… no set day, but when I sit down to do it, I’ll crank out as much as I can.


Love this!! Thank you so much for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s been a bit challenging for me to get back into a solid routine, especially after the holidays lol. But my situation is fairly similar. I work a full time job (typically 35-40 hours) and have Sunday and Mondays off… I need to get back to creating my content on those days off and utilize the rest of the week to work on writing, editing, studying courses, pinterest, etc.

Sometimes it can feel so daunting! but a good schedule is a huge helping tool!

Love it!!! @megan , I really need to get back into a good routine now that the Holidays are over. New Year!!

I batch my content and do so on a weekly basis. I do keyword research, shoot prep and 1st draft writing on monday. Tuesday I work on a lot of admin stuff and go grocery shopping. Wednesday I do my photo and video shoots and sometimes catch up on podcasts and courses if the shoot day isn’t too long and then Thursdays I edit photos/videos and create any graphics I need and then Friday I finalize posts, schedule social media etc. I typically do everything for the week before, but I’m looking to work further ahead if I can and do like a whole week of shoots to get me ahead more than a week or two and then a whole week or writing, etc…but… I don’t know if I have the brain power to figure that out right now LOL


@saporitokitchen Your routine is SO impressive!!

oh wow!!! @saporitokitchen that is so amazing!!! I am totally inspired to get more organized. That is something I really need to work on this year if I plan to go full time by the end of 2022. Or as close as I can be to full time lol.

@megan and @girlappetit thank you so much! It took me a while to get to that point, but it makes it easier on me. I know what is going on what day and it keeps me on track.

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So impressed - that’s discipline there!

How often do you post? If you go down in posts while you try to get ahead with content, that might be a way to fit more batching in. Then ramp up when you’ve got some under your belt. Just an idea!


@saporitokitchen Apply to be a guest on the podcast and let’s dig into batching! :grin:

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@mmgtorres great idea! I have been working hard at republishing old content, but now that I have churned through most of it, I think I can start to slow down a bit.

@megan I would love to!!!

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So because my business takes up most my time during the week. I mostly work on my Blog on the weekends. I have an assistant that gets her to input the recipe card but I do all the photos and writing on the weekend.

I still have a hard time cooking though, but over the last year have learned so much about photography so my editing time has decreased.

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That’s great! @SavingMealtime I remember when I first started getting into the photography and editing, took me a while too to get it done but now it’s much simpler. I also use a Lightroom preset which keeps all my photos uniform and cuts the editing process down by a ton!! Have you ever used a preset before?

I haven’t used a preset, but do use lightroom. I am going to look into the preset.

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I work full time as well, though I occasionally find time at my job to sneak in a bit of work on my blog. I’ve been there for six year, so the job is easy now. I don’t necessarily time block or batch, but I do keep a detailed list of everything that needs to get done in my planner and work about a week ahead.

I do cooking/baking and photography on the weekends or non-school days (I work in education). I also do my photo editing on Saturdays. Thursday evenings are for podcast recording. But otherwise, I’m just looking at my list and prioritizing it by deadline. For me, the list is life.

I use a pomodoro timer app to help me stay focused, but also to remember to step away from my laptop every now and then. I generally work on my blog from abou 4-8 every evening and from about 8-5 on non-school days. I have a lot of fire energy in my chart and have just accepted that I’m a busy body who can’t sit still.

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@SavingMealtime I actually have a preset that I sell if you are curious in checking it out. You can click HERE

@Renee WOW!! that is impressive, I really love the routine you got going. Super efficient. I have heard of the Pomodoro method!! I have to try that one of these days, I lose focus so easily.