What's up this week?

What’s going on this week, food bloggers? I’m trying to revive this space a bit and get some quality action in here. :slight_smile:

What are you working on this week? Any goals you need us to hold you accountable for??

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Continuing updating old blog posts and trying again this year to promote my Thanksgiving shopping guide with trying to draw an audience that would be interested in it.

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@eatlikenooneelse I remember you talking about your guide last year! Are you using different strategies this year to promote it?
How is the updating old content going??

Hi Megan,

I am looking to track more people that are interested in buying Thanksgiving ingredients in advance (the target audience for my guide). So I made 3 new blogs posts on different ingredients and one about Thanksgiving in general to go along with the turkey post I already had that gets good traffic.

The sales page to guide is linked in each post and each post links to the others.

Also I created Thanksgiving email list people can join and they are offered $1 off the guide in the first email.

Even if I sell no guides, I created content that will most likely rank for me. And the emails in the workflow for the Thanksgiving list could be expanded for blog posts in the future.

I am really trying to bring in the audience that would be most interested in the guide with the content on the blog.

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@eatlikenooneelse This is a huge topic this year, so I anticipate your resources being very valuable for people! Love this.

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Definitely updating older posts, specifically, fall and holiday recipes are my focus right now. Also, trying to figure out how to add a freebie to my site to have more people sign up for my newsletter.

This post was published 10 days ago but I just joined so I can’t avoid to check what’s up around and comment a bit.

I was searching some good food blogger spaces for weeks, since I couldn’t find any in certain social app. Then today after dinner I had to take some breath of studying and I just saw this forum so I guess that’s what happened this week!

I just made lots of optimisations to my website but didn’t post anything so I guess the good stuff is that I found this forum, so I will go back to study and check the posts here constantly too.

Comfy night everyone!

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Yay, so glad you’re here @Kuropika ! Please feel comfortable asking any questions you might have.

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Thanks, I was reading many posts already and all look so nice here, I will keep around for sure!

Thanks. Within a week, I am ranking number 1 for how far in advance to buy cranberries and number 2 if you ask how early. I am number 1 for how early to buy potatoes, and number 1 for how early to buy sweet potatoes.

We will how many people will look at those but at the least I have written content that ranks, hopefully I will convert those people to buying the guide.

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@eatlikenooneelse SO smart to get on this bandwagon, Eric! You’re inspiring me. Nice work ranking so quickly!

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Looking back on this now. I did get some traffic from these posts. Unfortunately it didn’t help sell my guide, but the work wasn’t all for nothing.

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