What's happening in our community! (8/23)

Hey all! :wave: I almost forget that it’s my new thing to post in here at the start of each about what’s coming up.

How are y’all doing? Anyone getting stressed because summer is almost over? :raising_hand_woman:

:arrow_right: We are in the last days of our "10-day Pinterest Challenge" and we already have people like Eric (@eatlikenooneelse) seeing some results! If you haven’t started it yet, you can still start now and see results asap!!

:arrow_right: Mastermind group registration closes in a week on Monday, August 31st. These are peer-based and will be an amazing way to get some ACCOUNTABILITY and grow friendships while learning and growing your biz. (You can also get more info in our FAQs.)

:arrow_right: The “7-day Popular Blog Post Clean-up” challenge starts in a week on Monday, August 31st. This will be great to get a boost to those blog posts!

:arrow_right: Looking forward to September, we have an amazing month planned! We hope to take away your stress of planning and prepping for Q4 & the holidays. We have several podcast episodes, our monthly content bundle and an exclusive live Q&A with Jason Logsdon all planned on this topic. Today’s podcast where @megan talks about diversifying your income is just the tip of the iceberg!