What to serve with Oven Braised Korean Short Ribs

Good morning, I just published a sponsored post for a unique cut of meat the Flanken or Korean Style short rib. Oven Braised Korean Beef Short Ribs-Flanken Cut - Hollis Homestead The recipes was a little outside of my niche but was sponsored by a local beef company I am working with. And they turned out amazing and my whole family now loves this recipe.

I’d like to offer supporting side dish recipes that could easily go with this recipe. Please comment with a link to your side dish recipes that would complement this recipe for a side dish round-up post.

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Those look so good @Hollishomestead!

The sides I’d suggest aren’t necessarily traditional, but more what I would serve my family with the short ribs. Including a few of options - feel free to pick any or none!

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My Recipe for Asian Cucumber Salad is actually a mash-up of Korean and Chinese cucumber salad. I serves this a lot with different classic Chinese BBQ’s. It would go perfectly with yout Korean Short Ribs.

Hiya @Hollishomestead !

I have quite a few banchan recipes (Korean side dishes) on my site. Here are a few, you’re welcome to use as many as you need.

I’ve got a couple that would work well with those flavors. They are not Korean dishes, but they are great veggie sides that work with a lot of recipes!
Roasted Green Beans and Carrots
Air Fryer Delicata Squash

Thank you, I’ll post the round up here when it’s complete.

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I would also like to contribute, here are the few recipes. Feel free to pick any.

Thanks for sharing looks great. I would be curious to compare this to bulgogi too.

My family’s tradition of Chinese Cucumbers that my mom used to make every time she did a faculty dinner party for the Notre Dame Maths department where my dad was chairman. This recipe was also used on MasterChef Junior when my daughter was the runner up of season one. Side note: proud mom brag: she came back ten years later, on last years All stars Back To Win as the youngest winner ever of MasterChef!


Btw this is my first time to add to a post thread. How do you make those boxes in your recipe reply for your recipe instead of just a link like mine?

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Hi @Caroleyu! The boxes for the recipe should automatically appear. My hunch is it has something to do with schema or metadata on the back end of your website that gets pulled in, but I don’t know for certain. But it shouldn’t matter - the link still works!