What SEO questions do you have right now?

We have an SEO expert coming onto the podcast in a few weeks who you may already know and he asked me what the EBT community specifically wants to learn about.

SO, EBT community, comment on this thread with specific questions you have about SEO currently and we’ll do our best to get them answered by the awesome #jeff in an upcoming episode! (Depending on how many questions roll in, we can’t promise they’ll all be answered, but we’ll do our best!)


I’m looking forward to this! I really want to learn SEO right now. Any practical tips on how to research what does well for our niche and how to plan out a content calendar would be appreciated. Where are the best places to do SEO research? What numbers should we be looking at, considering the size of our blog? How long should our titles be? Does search catch a short keyword in a longtail keyword title? I think it does.


Bumping this up! I’m talking to Hashtag Jeff tomorrow, so let me know what you’re dying to know about SEO right now!

I have a blog which has gained nearly 300 views on WordPress, but I want more attention. What can I do to get more attention?


For now, just keep at it! Be consistent. Continue delivering quality content.
As you get further into blogging it’ll be important to get to know your audience really well and figure out what they need from you.
What is your niche and how long have you been blogging?

We have a few free guides that might help! Feel free to check them out!
Avatar Creation Guide
Business Planning Workbook
Content Strategy Guide
Editorial Calendar Planning Guide

And always feel free asking questions here in this forum! So many people here are capable of and willing to help! So glad you’re here!!

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