What is your niche?

Food and recipes seem to be doing a general swing toward the more healthy side of the spectrum, so I’m curious as we move into a new year what your niche is.
My people still love all the calorie-laden comfort food!

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Hi Megan! My niche is Italian food. Lately I’ve been focusing more on traditional italian food. But sometimes I feel like even that is too broad…like should I focus on easy Italian meals? Just Italian desserts?
For now I will keep it broader bu niching even further down is at the back of my mind.


@pinabresciani I hear you about niching down. After almost 10 years of blogging, I’m considering a niche-down. It seems crazy but I think it’s becoming so important to “micro-niche” as the competition becomes more and more saturated. I think it can only help!

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I’ve been thinking about this more lately, especially with all the seo changes. It seems like every blog post looks a like now. It’s all so mundane and generic. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around what sets me apart and why readers would choose me over hundreds of other blogs…

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I’m with you @mamagourmand! It’s like we really need to become our user somehow and figure out what they see (and like) when they come to our blogs. Everything is starting to very much look the same…

@mamagourmand I think it’s a combination of things. In your case you’re GF strong - you have some really great GF recipes so ppl don’t feel like they have to compromise. Also - I think ppl love your kid stories- you’re hilarious so your posts are entertaining too.

Yes! I don’t want to hear “crack” anything else. I’m over it. My comfort recipes seem to do best though my Cucumber Dill Salmon has done really well too. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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@agoudalife isn’t it funny when those “odd” recipes slip through and become popular? I’m known mostly for comfort food, too, but I have a handful of oddball recipes that are super popular like Sauteed Cabbage (so weird) and homemade taco sauce.

I’m with you on the “crack” thing. I cringe every time I see “sex” in a recipe title, too.

By the way, good to see you on the forum! Head over to the Welcome post and introduce yourself, Bernie! :heart:

My niche is more of a country kitchen or Midwestern traditional food. All the foods those of us in the Midwest grew up with our grandparents cooking. I have done some healthier food options too for meal prep and plan to do with with in season veggies this summer. Well see how it goes.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Bernie! That really enforces some things for me and I think I’ll lean into it more. Identity crisis averted!

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It sounds like lots of tasty food! Where in the Midwest are you?

Omg yes Megan so true! I don’t want to see sex, crack or even million dollar …and no idea how the random recipes become so popular!

North Central Indiana

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Hi everyone!

Such a fun post! :slight_smile:

My niche is vegan healthy food and I really want to try to make more posts that explain what to have in a vegan pantry, how to cook dried beans, what is tempeh and tofu so really for those who are wondering what vegans eat and how they can eat more plant based without buying super weird food.


I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Recipes are not like other things where people have a certain provider, and they have no use for any other provider. For example, they have their dentist have have no use for another dentist.

People are always looking for recipes. I have a collection of cookbooks, and many of the recipes overlap. I won’t decide to pass on a cookbook because it contains a recipe for pot roast, and I already have a recipe for pot roast. I would still want to buy the cookbook because I want to see what this recipe for pot roast has to offer that’s different from the one I already have.

That’s the beauty of food blogging. There is an insatiable appetite out there for food and recipes. No pun intended. :wink:

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My niche is global cuisine. I mostly present traditional recipes from around the world with a lot of backstory about the culture and history. Therefore what’s good is I can hop onto seasonal and dietary trends easily.

Within that niche, I sometimes do healthy food, sometimes comfort food, sometimes its gluten free because traditionally gluten free, sometimes its vegan.


@ChefMireille What a fabulous niche! You can get such a variety of recipes that way and experience so many unique flavors. Love it!!

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Bumping this thread up. Would love to hear about more niches!

My niche is breakfast and brunch recipes. Personally, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so it’s easy to get excited about blogging about it.

I also love that breakfast recipes are typically easy to make and not very expensive.

I’m having fun with it!


@Sandra I’m obsessed with breakfast and brunch food, so I love that you focus on this. I love that there are so many different acceptable food options for brunch. :heart:

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