What is your Favorite Podcast

Ok, loved relistening to today’s podcast Megan. On that note, I too listen to podcast and books constantly when I’m doing mindless tasks. I am in the process of cleaning out my subscriptions and looking for some new ones to follow. What are everyone’s favorites?
Would love to find more on growing a blogging business that is not always trying to sell me a course :wink: Also, general motivation and health ( I’m mostly vegan and after colon cancer take my food habits very seriously)

Mine are:
Of course, #1 Eat Blog Talk
#2 The Blog Millionaire - followed him for years, great short info to build an audience and all-around nice guy. THis is the guy that has the new SEO tool I mentioned coming out in Feb.
#3 Visual Marketing by Tailwind
#4 Makin Bacon
#5 Simple Pin Podcast
#6 The Bare Marriage - Christian podcast on sex and marriage stuff
#7 food blogger pro
I have 20 or so others I subscribe to but these are my most listened to ones on a weekly basis.

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@Ginainga These are all great podcasts! I know of most of them and there’s some serious value in what you’ve listed. My favorite entrepreneurial podcast and the host I learned so much from about being an entrepreneur and starting a podcast is Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas. LOVE LOVE LOVE him! (not in a weird way :joy:)

Oh and I cannot forget to mention the incredible @graceandvine podcast!

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