What is the best way to write round up post?

Hello, just wanted to ask what are the “best practice” when writing round up post?


Hey @nbelgrave ! Talking about compiling roundups on your blog, right? Here’s what I do…

  • Find posts that are a good fit for your roundup.
  • Ask owner’s permission to share a photo of theirs. Always make it clear that you will not be sharing full recipes and you’ll include a direct link back to their content.
  • Include a photo (with permission) from each contributor, plus a small paragraph (your own words) describing the recipe/post and a link back to the post on their blog. Some people even put the name/blog underneath the photo (something like: “recipe/photo from Megan at Pip and Ebby”).
  • Publish roundup and send all contributors a final link to share with their audiences.

I hope that helps!

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I have a real big help in creating roundups, join the group FBC Social Sharing. All you have to do is follow the format of the group to ask for recipe links and you will get a 100 or so to pick from. I like this because it automatically gives me permission to use the content and pictures. I don’t have to go searching for ideas and there are some really great food bloggers on the group.
For the round ups on my site, I use my WPRD roundup tool like this post, southern vegan

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Thanks, @megan, and @Ginainga, for your tips! I want to start doing some roundups but was unsure what is the proper way to do it. I’ll check the FBC Social Sharing group. That seems easy since they already give you permission once they share the link.

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