What does 5k followers get you?

This is a fun topic that I’d love to hear your collective thoughts on!

We recently reached 5000+ followers on Instagram (after starting our podcast in May)

What should we be doing AND what’s the next step for responsible instagramming to an audience?


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Congrats on reaching 5K, Dustin! That’s awesome!
I’ve chatted with two really smart Instagrammers for Eat Blog Talk and they both recommend placing a heavy focus on engagement. Sophia DeSantis has some great thoughts in episode 14: https://www.eatblogtalk.com/sophia
Stay tuned for an episode that is being published on 1/16/20. It’s all about IG engagement and it is PURE GOLD.

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The best thing is to have a strategy in your mind for how you are monetizing Instagram. It may be that you feel just the general awareness of your brand/blog is enough, but for many bloggers it’s not. Since driving traffic to your site is harder on Insta than most platforms, ask yourself how it fits into your business model. I find many people end up creating a different type of product or service that is more easy to sell on Insta once they develop a large following.