What do you use for payroll?

For those of you who have employees or contractors, what do you use for payroll? We are currently using Intuit but the yearly fee is killer considering we just use it for payroll and nothing else.

I’m open to switching this year. I love having direct deposit capabilities but that’s the extent of my needs. :slight_smile:

You posted this a while ago, but was wondering if anyone has used something like Gusto before? Sounds like it’s basically hiring a bookkeeper. (https://gusto.com/)

I’ve been using Wave (https://www.waveapps.com/) but basically all I do there is create invoices.

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I know SideChef uses Gusto. How do you guys like it, @sandieatsidechef ?

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Hey, i am happy i can share my good new with you. Due to Covid we were thinking about how to increas our small food business. We went to delivery, wich didn’t indicate success, so we decided to give the possibility to a new method of payment with crypto currency. Now we are using this https://ellypos.com/en/ . It insane how people like this. I didn’t know so many people do have crypto currency. And now also i have. :slight_smile: