What are you doing for Valentine's Day? ♥️

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, either for your blog/business or personally?

One fun thing I’m doing with my family is trying is to make ebelskivers. My mother-in-law got us a pan to make them for Christmas so we are going to try it out. I guess her Dannish grandma used to make them! (They are like little spherical pancakes.)

Has anyone made them? I looked it up on YouTube and am a little worried. :joy:


I had to read that word about three times. I have never in my life heard of ebelskivers! But how cool that you’re doing that! You have to report back with photos! Please, I’m dying to see an ebelskiver!!! :slight_smile:

My hubby and I have a tradition that we’ve done every year since we started dating. We put the kids to bed and cook a surf and turf dinner for ourselves… TV off, just chatting and enjoying good food.

@BethanySmith if you post a photo of your spherical pancakes, I’ll post one of my surf and turf!

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@megan picture challenge accepted!

Took me a few tries to get it to work, but my last batch was fairly successful. Even added jam to the middle!

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Wow, I’m so impressed! They look delicious!

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Here’s our Valentine’s surf and turf!

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Looks amazing! What a great tradition.

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