What are you doing for Passover or Easter?

What are you planning or promoting for Passover or Easter this week? Either for your blog or personally.

I think I’m going to try my hand at making cinnamon rolls. And going to drop them off for a few family members. (Let me know if you have a great recipe!)

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Love the cinnamon roll idea, Bethany! I considered just changing absolutely everything up with what I share this week, considering everything else is upside down.
Do you have yeast for cinn rolls? I have a no yeast recipe if you need it! (please excuse the very outdated photos…)

I’m actually not going to do much Easter food promoting, but I’m putting together a roundup-style video with the classics (ham, potatoes, etc) to share on social media.

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I should have been thinking of this earlier but finally ordered a ham that I have to pick up tomorrow! Some of our traditional dishes may not happen, but hoping our sons who live in town will be able to join us. Bill (my husband) ended 2 weeks of taking his temp after one of his patients tested positive for COVID-19 :frowning: If that happens this week, we’ll ask them to stay away (or maybe run by for care packages!).

Here’s a favorite recipe of ours:

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@Liz @megan

Thanks for the links! I’ll take a look. I do have some yeast, but need to use it strategically.

Yes, we are under a “stay at home” order here in Oregon, so we aren’t really getting together at all. It will be different! I really need to think through in advance what we want to make. We are currently only shopping once a week and I’d really like to avoid having to run out last minute for something. Although, with not hosting a big gathering, I guess the pressure is off. And my kids (4 & 2) are not going to care if something isn’t exactly the way I imagined it :slight_smile:

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Normally, we would get together with family for an Easter dinner. This year, it will be just my husband and me. I think I will still make traditional dishes, set the dining room table nicely, and try to photograph as much as possible to share on social media.


I love that you’re still going to make some traditional dishes @Cathy …I think we’ll do a few, too. It’s so weird, though, because church and family are such a big part of Easter for us that it almost feels wrong to celebrate this year. We’ll work through it and make the most of it. GREAT idea to set your dining table up and take pictures!!