What are some of the health benefits of Vegetable Swede?

There is a lot of discussion on what a Swede is and it is commonly confused with a turnip. I was introduced to it when I was trying to manage Fatty Liver Disease. They are one of the best replacements for starchy potatoes. They can go with almost anything, soup, fried chip, stew and potato, just like turnips, they have several health benefits. It helps digestive system through giving the bacteria something to feed and helps with constipation. I head it can help with boosting the immune system by production of white blood cells. Personally, I have a recipe that I use it is called ‘Sweet Swede’ which comprises of fried diced swede in organic butter, with a little maple syrup, ground pepper and top with parsley. There are a loads of Swede recipes bringing out the natural flavor of vegetable Swede, which one is your personal favourite?