Welcome New Members from May!

We had 12 new users join our community in May! Welcome to all of the members listed below.

If you haven’t already, please jump in, introduce yourself and your blog, and participate in our weekly goal thread and share thread. We’re so happy you’re here!


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Hi all! I’m LeAnn Reid. My blog is NoCoast.Kitchen, which is an allergy friendly blog (no gluten, no dairy and minimal grains). Right now I am giving my focus to my boys (5 and 7), and then will be starting a new chapter with them both being in school in the Fall, so I will be investing that time into the blog. I love the podcast and am looking forward to digging into the forum more. Thank you to everyone for being willing to share your wisdom!

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Hi LeAnn! I am also a gluten free blogger (and eat mostly dairy free as well). I took a look at your site and your photography is stunning! My mouth was watering at the cookies and brownies you have on the home page.

Also it will be so nice to have both kiddos at school. Mine are 9 (they’re twins) and I remember feeling such a sense of relief at having a good chunk of my day to myself.

Oh fun! I’ll check yours out too! Us gf girlies got to stick together! :wink:

It’s very bitter sweet for me. It’s such a big chapter change! But yes, It will be fun to invest in the blog more!

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And thank you for the sweet words! :heart:

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Hi everybody and greetings from Vienna, Austria! My blog vienna-sunday.kitchen is about Viennese Cuisine and my granny’s secret recipes :wink:

I blog for a hobby since 2015, but started to take it “seriously” about a year ago. After I had my second girl (3y now, the bigger one is 5), I did not want to return to my old job and now I’m working towards getting into an ads network.

Hi @Angelika glad you’re here! I love the concept for your website. I was looking through the recipes and it’s just amazing to me. The pictures of your Granny assembling the Sacher Cake recipe were so heartwarming!

Thanks for the welcome @taryn!

Hi everyone, I’m Catharina, Eat Blog Talk’s podcast producer. After I started working with Megan, I became more and more interested in food blogging. I don’t have a blog yet, although I’m definitely inspired by all the amazing bloggers I’ve come across while editing EBT episodes.

I’ve been so inspired that I decided to specialize in working with food bloggers and brands, tailoring my podcast and video creation services to their needs. I’ve joined the EBT community to help out where I can with regards to video, podcast and social media questions. Once I’ve a website and portfolio ready, I’ll post it here.

Looking forward to contributing where I can!

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Yay @Catharina - so happy to have you here! Love what you do with the EBT podcast and can’t wait to see what you do with food blogging!

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I am gluten and dairy free also! I am mostly Paleo, but also show how to make occasional sweets with gluten free flours. I do love playing around with coconut and almond flour. Nice to “meet” you here.

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Yay - happy to have more gluten/dairy free people around here! Welcome @chefandrea