Weekly Goals 11/13/23

Comment on this post and list out the goals or tasks you want to accomplish during the week! On Friday we’ll check back in with each other to see how we all did.

Let’s hold each other accountable!


Here are mine for the week!

  • 5 podcast interviews
  • 1 MM call
  • 2 Pip and Ebby post updates
  • 2 Easy Breakfast Ideas new posts published
  • 1 Planning call
  • Keep up with email/IG reels
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  • I need to get back on track and write up 1 more recipe to meet my Q4 Goals
    • This will be a bit of a challenge as I need to attend a major meeting for my 9-5, which will require me to do a bit of travelling. (don’t you hate rush-hour traffic)
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Happy Monday! My goals for this week are:

  • 5 web stories
  • 2 new blog posts
  • update 4-5 old posts
  • send follow up pitches
  • work on photography skills - this weeks focus is focal points

@Keira and @Kristina how did you do with goals this week? Noting below how my week turned out… I hope you all had a productive week!

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  • 5 web stories- 4 done , shooting for the other one tomorrow
  • 2 new blog posts- only one done
  • update 4-5 old posts- 3 done hoping to get the other 2 done on the weekend.
  • send follow up pitches- done
  • work on photography skills - this weeks focus is focal points- done

What a week!


Indeed, what a week!

:white_check_mark: 5 Social Media Posts created for each (FB, IG & Twitter) and added to schedulers for future dates.
:white_check_mark:1 more recipe created to meet my Q4 Goals. (Q4 Stretch Goal: Create 20 pcs of New Content - 33% complete [6 done, 14 more to go])