Weekly Goal Setting Thread 7/24/23

Each Monday in this post you can list out the goals or tasks you want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

The hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage everyone to do the same!

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This is the last week of my kids’ summer school so I’m looking forward to hopefully having more productive weeks in August!

  • EBT Minimind call
  • 2 emails to list
  • 1 podcast episode
  • 1 post
  • FB posts for the week
  • recipe testing 6 recipes

This weeks goals

  • retest /photograph 2 new recipes
  • publish 1 new post
  • update 1 old post
  • 3 web stories
  • pitch 1-2 new brands
  • send follow ups to brands I pitched last week
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  • MM call
  • MiniMinds call
  • 3 podcast interviews
  • 2 new posts on new blog
  • 1 updated post on P&E
  • Finally catch up with Pinterest scheduling
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Time for an end of the week check in!

I was able to check everything off on my list! Well, I will have by dinner tonight, where I’m testing two recipes.

@Kristina and @megan how did you both do?

I am on track to finish my goals for the week.
One recipe will be photographed later this evening and one is set for tomorrow.
The only thing I may not get done this week is 3 web stories. I did one so far and will do the other when I publish my new post for the week.

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Still on “summer hours” and summer vibe :grin: but I got most done!

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