Weekly Goal Setting Thread 5/8/23

Each Monday in this post you can list out the goals or tasks you want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

The hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage everyone to do the same!


Here are mine for the week!

  • 2 weekly emails to list
  • new podcast episode
  • schedule daily FB posts
  • 7 pins
  • 1 new post, including photo edits
  • 1 EBT productivity sessions
  • test 1 recipe
  • finish productivity course
  • research CK selling platform
  • email growth research

My goals for the week:

Reshoot 2 old recipes
Update 2-3 posts
Shoot 1 new recipe
Keyword research

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This always keeps me accountable!!

  • Write & submit 2 freelance articles
  • Update Pitching Brands Guide sales page
  • 2 new blog posts + web stories for each
  • 3 updated blog posts + web stories for each
  • 3 FB Reels
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Here are mine:

  • 2 MM calls + 1 guest expert call
  • 1 planning call
  • Create and schedule 80 new Pinterest pins
  • Update 4 existing recipe posts
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Very late to the party due to travel, and I’m headed back on the road tomorrow. But love the accountability here, so here’s my to-do’s for the week.

  • 3 pins/day
  • 6 web stories
  • 3 blogs
  • newsletter
  • 3 FB reels / IG / YT shorts
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@Christina-Jolam it’s never too late :wink:

It’s Friday so let’s check in on our goals!

I hit all of mine (yay!) - how did everyone else do? @realfoodwithsarah @jennaurben @megan @Christina-Jolam


Happy Fridayyyy :tada: I did it!!! And with that, I’m taking the rest of the day/weekend off!


I did all but reshoot the new recipe. Had to reschedule some things and it’s okay!

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Got ALL mine done this week! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

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