Weekly Goal Setting Thread 4/24/23

Each Monday in this post you can list out the goals or tasks you want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

The hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage everyone to do the same!

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  • 2 weekly emails to list
  • new podcast episode
  • schedule daily FB posts
  • 16 pins
  • 1 new recipe post
  • 1 EBT productivity session
  • EBT Minimind call!
  • test 4 new recipes
  • write 3 recipe instructions
  • 1 FB reel
  • edit 1 photo shoot
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Excited to get back into the swing of things!

  • New podcast episode
  • Publish 3 new blog posts
  • Test 1 new recipe
  • Organize video files
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Here’s mine:

  • Publish 2 new blog posts
  • Revamp 1 recipe post
  • Weekly newsletter with meal plan
  • IG presence (stories, 2 reels, carousels) FAILED at this last week - maybe I should drop this?
  • Client work: 6 posts :cold_sweat:
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Post 4 YouTube shorts
Publish 2 blog posts
Send a newsletter
Pitch 4 brands

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By Friday, I want to:
Have my newest recipe photographed
Complete current BBQ post
Start next roundup post to link to newest recipe above
Add goals to my calendar for next 3 months

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Life has been kind of turned upside down, with my husband’s uncle passing away and me having to travel to TX unexpectedly for 6 days to attend our son’s chess tournament. I am barely hanging on with work, so bear with my slim and grim to-do list this week:

  • 2 mastermind calls
  • 2 planning calls
  • Make a plan for retreat next week
  • Get caught up on email
  • Get caught up on Slack
  • Get caught up on IG reels

It’s Friday! The end of the week means checking in on our goals. How did you guys do? @jennaurben @Anya @Shanelle @slcurrie @megan

I did pretty well this week! Got most things done.
:heavy_check_mark:2 weekly emails to list
:heavy_check_mark:new podcast episode
:heavy_check_mark: schedule daily FB posts
:heavy_check_mark:11 pins (out of 16)
:heavy_check_mark:1 new recipe post
:heavy_check_mark:1 EBT productivity session
:heavy_check_mark:write 3 recipe instructions
:heavy_check_mark:edit 1 photo shoot

The FB reel was the thing I missed, but overall pretty good!


@taryn what an awesome week :tada: Here’s mine:

:heavy_check_mark: New podcast episode: Last of season 1
:heavy_check_mark: Test 1 new recipe: Tested and photographed
:heavy_check_mark: Organize video files: Whew finallyyyy
:red_circle: Publish 3 new blog posts: I published 2 out of 3 but the 3rd is close, I’m just blocked. This week I learned you have a daily limit of API requests when using WPRM Roundup. So I’ll be finishing that post next week!

Happy Friday!!!

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@jennaurben what do you mean by daily limit of API requests? Like you can only pull so many recipes in a roundup?

@taryn yes, for external URLs! The limit must be pretty high but I’m not sure of the exact number (around 50-60)

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I got my 1 post up and 1 youtube short up. I didn’t get 1/2 of the stuff done on my list. A bunch of random things came up this week that took up my time.

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I know how that goes @Shanelle - that’s been my day today!

Here’s mine! Plus an extra: Updated 1 old post!

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Here’s mine. Not bad, but not quite.

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Well, I didn’t get all of mine done but I did complete an extra post, spend the weekend away from work with family and a few other tasks that popped up…

:heavy_check_mark: Have my newest recipe photographed
:heavy_check_mark:Complete current BBQ post
:heavy_check_mark:Start next roundup post to link to newest recipe above
:heavy_multiplication_x:Add goals to my calendar for next 3 months

Cheers to all of your successes!

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