Weekly Goal Setting Thread 3/27/23

Each Monday in this post you can list out the goals or tasks you want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

The hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage everyone to do the same!


Happy Mondayyyy! I’m squeezing in two vacations next month, so working ahead this week!! This is slightly daunting but I’m hoping that posting here will keep me accountable💪

  • Write 4 freelance articles
  • Record and edit 5 podcast episodes
  • YouTube guest recording with Nadalie Bardo

Megan’s on vacation this week so in addition to what I’ve got below I’m filling in for her here and there :grin:

  • 2 weekly emails to list
  • new podcast episode
  • schedule daily FB posts
  • 1 new post
  • schedule 5 pins on Pinterest
  • update 1 post

Two vacations sounds great @jennaurben - you’ve got an ambitious week but you can do it! :+1:

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My goal is to publish 3 posts this week! It is tricky as I am dealing with difficult recipes right now. Another goal is to start testing a recipe for the next week!


I"m cramming before a long trip next month, so we’ll call these “stretch goals”…

  • Final recipe + shoot for 3 new posts
  • Write 6 recipe posts
  • 3 pins daily
  • 5 web stories
  • 4 social media posts (IG and FB)
  • weekly email

Here’s to a productive week!


I’m also trying to get stuff done for an upcoming trip!

  • 4 New posts
  • update 2 old posts
  • 3 Web Stories
  • New Email
  • 1 week of Pins

Here are my goals for the week:

  • Update one old blog post
  • 1 new blog post with Pins
  • 1 Web Story
  • Email subscribers

Lots of upcoming trips and ambitious goals this week - I love it! You guys have got this! :+1:


It’s Friday, so let’s all check in on our goals!

I was able to get everything on my list done this week, and even some that wasn’t on my list - those productivity sessions really help!

@jennaurben @Natasha @Christina-Jolam @KristinWeeks @gittaskitchen - how did you all do?

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HAPPY FRIDAYYY!! I was able to get everything accomplished this week :tada: My interview got pushed back so that gave me extra time today to work on my category pages and recipe index. It’s not perfect, but we’re gettin there. One of my new podcast episodes went live yesterday and the remaining are scheduled out, once a week throughout April!

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I met my goals for the week! Yay!

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