Weekly Goal Setting 6/19/23

Each Monday in this post you can list out the goals or tasks you want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

The hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage everyone to do the same!

Here are mine for the week. Since I’ll be camping on and off for two weeks starting next Sunday, I’m trying to jam stuff out this week!

  • 1 EBT work session
  • 5 emails scheduled to list
  • 1 post up & 2 posts scheduled
  • 1 podcast up & 1 podcast scheduled
  • shoot 4 recipes
  • FB posts for 3 weeks
  • 12 pins (from 6 posts)
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I’m starting out the week under the weather so giving myself a little break this week on my own stuff to focus on client work that needs to get done!

Update 2 posts
Social media and stories for the week
Recipe booklet for cooking class
Two emails to list

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It’s Friday, so let’s check in and see how we did on our goals!

:white_check_mark: 1 EBT work session
:white_check_mark: 4 emails scheduled to list
:white_check_mark: 1 post up
:white_check_mark: 1 podcast up
:white_check_mark: shoot 4 recipes
:white_check_mark: FB posts for 3 weeks

I need to still schedule 1 email, get 2 other posts scheduled, 1 podcast recorded and up, and my pins scheduled. I have today and tomorrow to do so before we leave for camping!