Weekly Goal Setting 2/20/23

Each Monday we start a post where people can list out the goals or tasks they want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

The hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage others to do the same!

EBT Community Manager


Here are mine this week! (I’m loving these threads…)

  • Write/publish 4 new non-recipe posts.
  • Update 2 existing posts.
  • Create and schedule 26 new Pinterest pins.
  • 2 interviews
  • 2 planning calls
  • 3 MM calls + Clubhouse (join us this week, everyone!)
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My kids are on a break this week and up at my inlaws so I’m looking to get lots of things done!

  • publish 1 podcast episode
  • schedule a FB post every day
  • weekly email to list
  • tax prep (& call w/ tax guy on Wed)
  • get my new freebie email series up
  • publish 2 new posts
  • dive into Pinterest again (new pins and scheduling)
  • host EBT productivity session on Tuesday!
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Will you send me a Clubhouse invite @megan ?


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Yes! Will do it in a bit!

Our house goes on the market tomorrow so I may have to adjust my goals. Fingers crossed we will have several showings! Here are my goals:
• Take process shots and final shots for 3 blog posts.
• Write 1 blog post for a new recipe.
• Send an email to my e-mail subscribers with a new recipe.
• Create 3 Pinterest Pins for new recipes.


Exciting @gittaskitchen - sending you lots of good house selling vibes!

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I meant to get my goals posted earlier this week.

@megan and I have some similar goals!

  • Publish 4 new blog posts (3 were inspired by RankIQ and 3 of them are published now)
  • 1 podcast interview (did today!)
  • Update 2 blog posts
  • Get ahead on my show notes page for my upcoming podcast episodes
  • Schedule/finish a couple emails that I had to wait for content to be published to send
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Thank you! We had a rare snowstorm in Portland yesterday. What are the chances of that happening. Hopefully, the streets will be cleared by this weekend so interested buyers can look at it. Crazy weather!

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Alright everyone - how did we fare with our goals this week? @gittaskitchen @eatlikenooneelse @megan

Amazingly, I got nearly everything done on my list! I’m still working on getting a schedule going for Pinterest, but I did start creating new pin templates and have the beginnings of a tracking system set up.


Nice work @taryn !

I published half the content I was aiming for, but feeling at peace with this. :heart:


I live on the west coast, so I have a few hours left in the day. I am almost done with the goals I set for the week. The only thing left is to finish a blog post and publish it! Yay!! I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are going to the Tastemakers Conference be safe and have fun!

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I got everything down except I only updated 1 blog post, I didn’t get to the other one.

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