Weekly Goal Setting 2/13/23

Each Monday we start a post where people can list out the goals or tasks they want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

The hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage others to do the same!

EBT Community Manager

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  • weekly email to list
  • get new email email freebie up
  • 2 new posts
  • edit 2 recipe shoots
  • host EBT productivity session on Thursday!
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I love this, @taryn! Here are my main goals for the week:

  • Publish 4 new blog posts + social sharing/web story for each
  • Outline 5 podcast episodes (ambitious but it’s been on the back-burner)
  • Create a spreadsheet of posts to prune
  • Take Friday off!

Last week I was able to finish recording enough podcast episodes to last for 2 weeks post Tastemaker.

I send an email out to my apple (the fruit!) club email list and got great response back. Now I want to add an episode related to what we were talking about. So I actually will record 1 more this week and add to next week’s episode list. Then personally invite all those people that responded to listen.

That’s the long explanation, here are my goals then

  • Record 1 more podcast episode
  • Combination of 6 total new blog posts and old post updates. This one is every week but only got 4 last week as I ended up taking my son to tour a WW2 battleship last week instead of this
  • Work on ways to make $ with email list. Been working ahead on email so I can take that block of time to work on a resource to upsell

Loving those goals @jennaurben and @eatlikenooneelse!

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I love looking through all of your goals for the week! I love this thread. :heart:
Here are mine:

  • 3 interviews
  • 3 MM calls
  • 2 planning calls + Clubhouse
  • 4 new non-recipe posts
  • 2 republishes
  • Finish Tastemaker presentation (will it actually happen this week?! :joy:)
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I love this since I need help with accountability. I am in the middle of getting my house ready to be put on the market next week. Hopefully, I can join the group then. Reading everyone’s goals is motivating!

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I’m a little late to the thread! Here are my goals for the week:

  • Edit photos
  • Publish new post
  • Sunday: bake and shoot recipe, then edit photos/reel
  • Plan upcoming recipe testing

Good job getting those goals in @megan and @RebelSpatula! And @gittaskitchen you can still put down some goals for the week - it’s not over yet!

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  • weekly email to list - :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Test 2 recipes
  • Shoot 3 recipes :ballot_box_with_check: in fact, I did 4 instead of 3 :raised_hands:
  • Edit 1 photoshoot :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Keyword research 3 posts
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get it @nbelgrave - you are on fire!

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What is your new email freebie?

@eatlikenooneelse I’m doing an email series on how to grill chicken that’s juicy and not dry! I feel like that’s what people complain the most about, or are scared of when grilling chicken. We’ll see how it does!

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That’s awesome. How many parts in your series?

@eatlikenooneelse it’s a five part series. It’s based on what Matt Molen recommends in his Email on Autopilot course.

It’s Friday - let’s check in on our goals!

@megan @jennaurben @nbelgrave @eatlikenooneelse @RebelSpatula - how did you all do?

I got most things done. I only got 1 post up and while I did work on my new email freebie it’s not up yet. However my kids had school cancelled due to snow on Tuesday so I had a day that got hijacked a bit. Calling it a win overall!


Woohoo, @taryn!! I got everything done except for I didn’t take today totally off like I anticipated… Decided to do some last minute recipe development + photos. So I’m giving myself Monday off!

I’ve also gotta give the productivity session MAJOR props :raised_hands: It really helped this week!


@jennaurben I’m so glad you liked the productivity session! I find them so helpful.

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Welp! I got my photos edited, and my blog post is about 95% done. I had a super busy week, so I’m gonna give myself credit for at least working on it :rofl:. Going to do my baking and shooting tomorrow and do some editing on Sunday.

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@RebelSpatula yes, give credit where it’s due! It sounds like you’re nearly there with your blog post and have a plan to get it all the way done soon. Overall a win!

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