Weekly Goal Setting 1/30/23

Hi Everyone!

We’re starting a new feature on the EBT forums - weekly goal setting!

Each Monday we’ll start a post where people can list out the goals or tasks they want to accomplish during the week, then on Friday we’ll check in to see how we all did.

Our hope is that by holding each other accountable we can be more productive and continue to effectively grow together!

I will post mine in a subsequent comment and I encourage others to do the same!

EBT Community Manager


Here are mine:

  • publish 1 podcast episode
  • send my weekly email to my list
  • test 4 recipes
  • publish 2 new posts (this is a stretch)
  • edit photos for 2 recipe shoots

Here are mine! Love this thread!
I am under the weather and have a very call-heavy week, so I’m going on the light side to ensure success. :slight_smile:

  • Publish 4 new non-recipe posts
  • Edit/republish 2 existing posts
  • 1st draft of Tastemaker presentation done
  • Get “work with me” page started for EBT

Love those @megan - so smart to be aware of both how you’re feeling and what else is on your plate so you’re not trying to overdo it.

Love this idea! Here are mine:

  • 3 New Posts
  • Schedule out 4 emails
  • Edit 3 old posts
  • 2 Webstories

Love those @KristinWeeks!

Right now I am trying to finish up all of my podcast episodes through a week after Tastemaker. I release episodes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Goal would be to finish those up by the end of the week as much as I can, 2 may have to wait as I have to finish up content for them first. So great if I can get all but those 2 done for sure.


Go Eric go! I didn’t realize you were doing podcast episodes 3 times a week - that’s impressive!

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It’s Friday so let’s check back in on our weekly goals!

I completed all of mine! It was a stretch, and looked a little different than I thought it was going to, but I did it!

@eatlikenooneelse @KristinWeeks @megan - how did you all do on your weekly goals?


Still working through the recordings. I took a day off on Wednesday to go to the beach so I am actually working on Saturday this week.

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@eatlikenooneelse I think taking a day off to go to the beach (in February no less!) is a great way to balance out the work week. Come back on Saturday and fill us in on how much you got done!

I accomplished exactly half of my goals, but I’m having mucho GRACE with myself because I’ve felt pretty awful all week. I count my week as a huge win, considering.

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It’s so important to have grace with yourself @megan, especially when things don’t go as planned. :heart:

I did okay. Got some stuff crossed off but then accomplished some other things that were not on my list.


I hope your feeling better Megan!

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Much better, thank you!

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@KristinWeeks Unforeseen items almost always pop up for me, but I usually just add them to my to do list so I can cross them off because they are still things that need to get done! Sounds like overall you had a productive week, which is a win.

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I did finish recording all the podcast episodes I could by Saturday evening.

This week, I have 4 episodes more to do, then I will be fully recorded through 2 weeks after Tastemaker. The week back from Tastemaker, I will be working 2 hours a day strictly on following up on connections at made with brands at Tastemaker and Inspired Home Show. And then the next week, I will be recording episodes again, with 1 week of episode still left to publish.

For the 4 episodes I need to

  • Update a blog post and then record myself.
  • Write and record my monthly fruit picks episode for March
  • Write and record 1 original episode
  • I am combining my best tips from the beef stew posts I have been writing into a podcast episode.
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Look at you go Eric, I love it!