Wednesday Share Thread 7/12/23

1 - Share a win! This is about celebrating ourselves and each other. Share something you accomplished over the last week, either personal or blogging-related.

2 - Share a resource! Is there something you discovered recently that you found helpful? Maybe an article, a webinar, a course, or someone to follow on social media. It could be anything!

Feel free to do one or both!

I’ll put mine below, and I encourage others to jump in as well.

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My win is that I’m finally feeling back in the swing of things after being on vacation for nearly two weeks.

My resource is an article I had in my inbox as part of a roundup about the Instant Pot. I didn’t realize the maker filed for bankruptcy! It doesn’t necessarily mean the company is going anywhere, but it’s worth a read - especially if Instant Pot meals are one of your niches!


My win: I finally started selling my e-book and sold 9 within one week! Yay! I also reduced the amount of ads on my site and already my site is ranking better. And one more win, my Facebook group of 3 months is nearing 15K members! So exciting. Having said all that, I am exhausted!! :smiley:

Resource: Eat Blog Talk and the Food Blogger Pro both have an episode with a guy from the Lulu publishing company and it is worth a listen! Such an easy way to publish books!!


oh my gosh @Natasha - those are some amazing wins! Congrats!

@Natasha 15k members in 3 months?! If you’re up for sharing any tips, we’d love to hear!

Yes! I was surprised myself! I created a group and had 2 members, then I thought “now what?” So, I posted in Food Bloggers Central asking for advice. One lady invited me into a group focused on growing FB groups. I watched their free tutorial and did what they said which was:

  1. add a link to your group to your profile
  2. design a cover photo for your FB profile that tells people to click on it to join your group, then drop the link to the group in the cover description.
  3. Include important keywords into your FB group name.
    That is pretty much it!
    Along with doing that, I also advertised my group in other FB groups that allowed it. My group is focused around gluten-free sourdough, so I posted my recipes in other GF sourdough groups and instead of the link to the recipe I pasted the link to our group where the people would eventually find the recipe.
    It worked like a charm! But it annoyed some people very quickly, so I stopped doing it. But somehow after this initial push I didn’t even have to advertise it anymore because people were flooding in daily that I even had to automate the approval process. I have no idea why!!!

Now we are still growing. On Saturday morning we hit 15K and today we are very close to 16K.

At first, I thought having so many members will help with traffic but actually I am realizing now that it is a great place for selling digital products. I had a 1:1 coaching call with Jillian from MiloTree Cart (I signed up with them) and she helped me a lot. Now I am rather focusing on digital products and I am making much more with them than with the ads on my site (I am with SheMedia and only at 21K sessions so far).

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