Wednesday Share Thread 5/3/23

It’s time for our Wednesday Share Thread! Here’s what to do:

1 - Share a win! This is about celebrating ourselves and each other. Share something you accomplished over the last week, either personal or blogging-related.

2 - Share a resource! Is there something you discovered recently that you found helpful? Maybe an article, a webinar, a course, or someone to follow on social media. It could be anything!

Feel free to do one or both!

I’ll put mine below, and I encourage others to jump in as well.

My win is a personal one, and it’s that I was able to take a family day on Saturday and we went on a day trip. Normally I’d try and get some work done, even just a little, on a weekend but it felt really nice to enjoy some of the nice weather we’ve been having near Seattle.

My resource is kind of two-fold. I listened to the latest EBT podcast about a meal planning app and was very intrigued. It’s a good episode and worth a listen, even if you’re not thinking about doing an app.

I was interested enough to do some research about both the app and what they’re thinking about doing (creators selling packages of recipes to health coaches), and I’m actually going to talk to their team early tomorrow morning. I’m happy to share what I learn on the Clubhouse chat that’s scheduled for tomorrow (Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific) if anyone wants to tune in!

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