Wednesday Share Thread 4/12/23

It’s time for our Wednesday Share Thread! Here’s what to do:

1 - Share a win! This is about celebrating ourselves and each other. Share something you accomplished over the last week, either personal or blogging-related.

2 - Share a resource! Is there something you discovered recently that you found helpful? Maybe an article, a webinar, a course, or someone to follow on social media. It could be anything!

I’ll put mine below, and I encourage others to jump in as well!

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My win is I got a new recipe shot yesterday - it always takes longer than I think it will, but it’s done!

My resource is actually something my mom got me for my birthday last month that has come in super handy - silicone lids for bowls. Yesterday I shot a chicken salad and instead of dirtying a new dish to store it I just kept it in the bowl I used and placed a silicone lid on top before putting it in the fridge. Then we had some for dinner and my husband put the remainder in a small container to take to work today.

The set comes with different sizes and they’re dishwasher safe! These are the ones my mom got me, but I’m sure there are others out there:

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Sharing a win. I have a small niche within my content for Masters golf tournament copycat recipes. I live in Augusta and attend the Masters each year, so these recipes have been very much a part of our family through the years. This year I spent a lot of time updating the posts for my Masters content, and the reward was sweet. I had several days during tournament week when I had over 20,000 pageviews.


I love this. My family is forever storing in plastic baggies that are expensive and terrible for the environment. I’ll check into these!

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Love that @Ginainga!

And @jillmachovsky - they are so great. I really like them.

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