Wednesday Share Thread 3/22/23

It’s time for our Wednesday Share Thread! Here’s what to do:

1 - Share a win! This is about celebrating ourselves and each other. Share something you accomplished over the last week, either personal or blogging-related.

2 - Share a resource! Is there something you discovered recently that you found helpful? Maybe an article, a webinar, a course, or someone to follow on social media. It could be anything!

I’ll go first below, and I encourage others to jump in as well!


My win is I published a post yesterday that I’ve been meaning to get up for awhile. And I’m on track to publish a second one today!

The resource I want to share is a free summit of sorts I signed up for called Make Space for Your Greatness that’s going on in a couple weeks. It’s not food blogging related, but more about mindset and personal development. I’m familiar with two of the speakers and they are both fantastic.

There are one to two live sessions a day and the replays will be available for a week, which is nice. You can read more about it here:


Hi Taryn! Good job! :slight_smile:

My win is that i finally joined an ad network (She Media)! And another one is that i get to be a guest on the Storied Recipe podcast this Friday. :smiley: so exciting!

A resource is the latest Top Hat Rank webinar on keywords! It was encouraging to hear that you can outrank bigger sites if you have better content. Plus a few insights for the future!


Congrats on joining an ad network @Natasha, that’s so great! And I bet it will be a lot of fun to be a guest on the podcast. :+1:


Awesome job on those posts and thanks for sharing this resource. I’m really big into personal development so this sounds interesting.


Congratulations!! Those are big wins :heavy_heart_exclamation::tada:

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Win: I’ve made a few life & biz changes that will open up time and energy in the near future.

Resource: If you’re looking for daily woo-inspiration, Mike Dooley’s notes from the universe are AMAZING. You’ll get daily emails sent straight to your inbox that will inspire you. Here was today’s note, as an example (loved this one!):

Having a dream… Courage.

Visualizing your dream… Persistence.

Physically moving towards your dream… Guts.

Letting go of the “cursed hows”… Wisdom.

The look on your friends’ faces, Megan, when they see you on the red carpet… Priceless.

Yeah, that oughta light a fire -

The Universe


My win is that last week I finished creating my media kit. I put it off for the longest time. I my pitched my first 3 potential clients on Monday.
It took me the longest because I kept saying to myself that my photography wasn’t good enough.

My good resource share is the podcast episode from foodblogger pro , episode 400 .
Bjork talks about doing now versus later mentality.
So that kinda wraps up my inspiration on why I put my butt into gear and just sent the pitches.


@megan and @Kristina - those are some great wins!

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Not sure this would count as a win but I made it to my 100th podcast episode published today (Episode 100 - How to Cook Sausage in a Hotel Room - Eat Like No One Else). So at least I have made it this far, hopefully will see more fruit from it soon.

For the resource this is something simple but make sure you are using Google Search Console to check how your blog posts are doing. Do a comparison to see if certain posts are losing traffic and consider those posts for updates.


I definitely count that as a win @eatlikenooneelse - congrats on 100 episodes!

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