Wednesday Share Thread 3/1/23

It’s time for our Wednesday Share Thread! Here’s what to do:

1 - Share a win! This is about celebrating ourselves and each other. Share something you accomplished over the last week, either personal or blogging-related.

2 - Share a resource! Is there something you discovered recently that you found helpful? Maybe an article, a webinar, a course, or someone to follow on social media. It could be anything!

I’ll go first below, and I encourage others to jump in as well!

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1 - my win is that I tested out sending a second weekly email to my list yesterday and it went pretty well!

2 - my resource is what I used to do it. I joined Liz Wilcox’s monthly membership where you get weekly email templates that you can customize for your audience. I had been debating about it and had been on her email list for awhile but she offered a sale so I decided to pull the plug. Her emails alone are pretty valuable. You can sign up for her freebie on her website here:

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Win: I’m all packed and ready to get on a plane for Chicago. Can’t wait to see so many awesome people at Tastemaker!

Resource: Not quite a resource, but a stress-reducing tip I learned this week from a podcast. The guest (can’t remember who it was, but could dig if anyone wants the info) shared how the best way to reduce stress in real-time is to use this breathing technique for 5 minutes/day. Breathe in deeply through your nose, pause, then do a quick 1/2-second burst where you breathe in even more. Pause, then slowly breathe out of your mouth until lungs are depleted of air. Try it! I’ve been doing it for the past few days and love it!

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love this @megan - I do similar breathing, either box breathing (4 counts in, hold for 4, 4 counts out, hold for 4) or breathe in for 4 then out for longer (like 6 or 7). Both really help!

And can’t wait to hear about Tastemaker when you return!

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Win: I was so happy to get a new client to make webstories for. This is something I really enjoy doing.
Recourse: Also joined the faith mariah revenue maximizer. Great value.
I like to listen to her pep talks on mindset and how it affects us.


@Heidi - yay for a new client! And I also joined the Faith Mariah Revenue Maximizer! I haven’t had a chance to dig in yet but it seemed like a good deal.

  1. WIn: Not last week but still feels so new. I am officially with Mediavine!
  2. Resource: I finally made the switch to artificial lighting and don’t know why fought it so long. I can take photos all hours of the day and the control and consistency I have now is a game changer. I will use natural when I have it but I’m not chasing the sun all day long now.
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I think you win is worth celebrating many times over @KristinWeeks!

And did you take a course for artificial lighting? I’ve debated about switching several times but just can’t get into it - even with Joanie Simon’s course.

@taryn I haven’t. I watched all of Joanie’s YouTube videos but that’s about it. It has been a lot of trial and error and tons of bad photos trying to figure it out. I fought it for so long but having the freedom to take photos anytime has been nice.

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