Ways to combat the low RPMs

I’ve been brainstorming ways to counter-attack our dipping RPMs during this crazy stretch of time. One idea I had was to figure out my highest RPM pages (if you use Adthrive there is a handy spot on their dashboard that will give you this info) and deliver those as best I can to my audience. So, maybe highlighting them for my email subscribers or circulating them through Pinterest and Instagram.

What other ideas do you guys have about countering the RPM dip??

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I did the same Megan. I also checked analytics for this time last year - top 5 ish posts and updated SEO, new pins, etc. and recirculated.

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Great one @agoudalife ! Let’s keep some ideas coming so we can increase our revenue!

I think pushing those high RPM pages, or just popular pages out more often is a good idea! Especially through email.

Try to post on social or send another email a bit more often than normal. Even adding in one more email every week or two could really help boost page views. (Also, don’t try to do all the things as it can be overwhelming. Pick ONE thing and then do that.)

I think circling back to past offers/ebooks/cookbooks, or whatever is a great idea too. Push all that out again. Hopefully you’ve been getting some new followers!

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Wanted to bump this topic up again. Is everyone still seeing lower RPMs or has it evened out? Are you getting more page views to even it out?

My RPMs are definitely down from normal still, but not bad considering everything! They’ve been between $11-15 since the start of April.

Traffic is up and trending upward every week, which is great! Still overall, though, revenue will be less than one year ago when I had less traffic.

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