Virtual Zoom Party

Hey everyone.

So next month on the 18th, I am hosting a virtual zoom party on the topic of popcorn. I a doing Q&A, I have a brand sharing a product, and another blogger doing a demo.

Has anyone else hosted a live virtual event before (Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, etc)? I would love to hear any tips you might have or things you wish you would have done better.

I did a weekly Instagram Live in March. Doing some testing before the event definitely helped. Even with that, one of my guests realize she didn’t have the IG app updated, and so didn’t have access to the same features I did. We solved that, but encouraging people to have latest update of whatever platform is a good idea.

I’ve done some live wine tasting events on Zoom as well, have another coming up in May. Those were more targeted, people signed up in advance to get the link. Whereas IG relied more on people seeing the event happening in their feed.

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I’ve done several (Hi Eric!) ranging from a simple Zoom “happy hour” when everyone was on camera, to more focused sessions on Demio or streamed to YouTube/Facebook through StreamYard. Definitely practice first if you can, but the best advice is to try and keep it simple for the first one! And know what you are trying to get out of hosting it, so you can have your pitches ready.


Thanks Jason. It should be relatively simple. We 3 of us, I won’t have to talk myself very long. Getting RSVPs has been slower than I like, I am thinking of sending out an email right before it starts to encourage people to join in, give everyone the Zoom link.

That’s good. I am really hoping to get live events working, I know it could take some time to get going successfully. Did you give people a deadline to RSVP?

For the Zoom events I’ve done, we have let people register up until the event day. We generally create a Facebook event for it, and tend to keep reminding people there they need to register. Basically when I see the signup numbers are low, I tend to increase the outreach – ideally including connecting with specific people I know would likely be interested.

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Great idea. I am sending messages today to my most faithful followers to personally invite them.

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How did the event go, Eric?? @eatlikenooneelse

Unfortunately no one attended.
But I am trying to look what I can take from the experience, here is what I got

  1. I gained a few more Instagram followers
  2. I recorded of video of the event that I can use as new content and I can share it with others than expressed wanting to go. It’s a great to actually show people what it’s about, hopefully making it more likely they will come next time.
  3. I got the idea to do personal invitations, which people liked, they just couldn’t make that time. So next time do personal invitations earlier.
  4. I still enjoyed talking with another blogger and a brand on a call.

How important do you think it is using Streamyard for a Facebook live? I am planning on a facebook live with a brand and I haven’t done Facebook Live.

I was interested in some of the other features, especially streaming to multiple pages / sites (I did a facebook group, facebook page, and youtube channel all at once). I know you can do FBLives without it, but since I knew streamyard already I just used it

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It seems like a good service to use. Right now my biggest struggle is trying to do a test run with the brand. I cannot find anyway to do a test run that isn’t actually going live. The brand wants us to try a test first, nothing I have tried is working. The only test I can do is just with myself. Been trying to figure it out for several hours now. Maybe there is no way to do it?

If you do “new broadcast” then “record Only” it’ll work. If you want to test it “live” but hidden, just create a new private facebook group and broadcast to that, no one will be able to get in to see it.

Hat tip to Kathy Hester for that recommendation, that’s how she does Instagram live tests too, just has a “burner” instagram account that no one follows.