Valentine's Day Content

Hi everyone,

I have been looking to expand on content around Valentine’s Day. Last year I focused on steak dinners for Valentine’s since I already rank well for beef related posts.

Does anyone else have any blog posts that get more traffic for Valentine’s Day?

I tend to skip focusing on Valentine’s Day (for the blog at least!) and lean into my Irish roots…by mid-February I’m focusing on St. Patrick’s Day! I have a few good performers for that one that I like to try to build upon.

Way to lean on those roots! St. Patrick’s Day is really good for me. I have a brisket post that goes crazy and many corned beef posts that do really well. It’s a great boost in traffic and earning every year after a slow Q1 start.

Hey Eric!

That time period is around the same time as the Super Bowl and those types of recipes tend to do better for me than Valentine’s Day recipes. Particularly I have some appetizer and dip recipes that are always popular. I do have a couple cookie recipes that are popular around V Day, but that’s about it.

Have you thought any more about which direction to go?

I have an Instant Pot Mini Meatloaf Bites that sees some increase for the Super Bowl. And maybe one cookie recipe. They don’t really move the needle that much. I think leaning on steak dinners at home is where I might have the most success. Google seems to love what I talk about beef!

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I have ONE V-day post that does well: Valentine’s Day Snack Mix.
Other that that, I don’t prioritize it.

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I think leaning on steak dinners sounds like it could be good for you. Come back after Valentine’s Day and let everyone know how it worked out!

I will do that. My reasoning for wanting to up my Valentine’s Day content is since February is a short month, we are all losing out on 2 days of income compared to a 30 day month. If I can have a bigger Valentine’s Day than maybe can make up those 2 days. I am going to try a Quick Steak Dinner Ideas for 2 post.

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