Utilizing my "mindless tasks" list on a mindless day

I was chatting with @eatlikenooneelse yesterday about what I do on those “off” days. Sometimes writing the entire day off IS necessary when our minds and bodies need rest. But sometimes I know I need to press on and get some dang work done. Ironically, an “off” day hit me hard today. My husband’s foot (post-surgery) isn’t healing. He’s in pain. I’m exhausted. This morning we found out our oldest son will likely need his 4th open heart surgery this summer.

I sat down at my desk this afternoon and wanted to do nothing. Instead, I pulled out my “mindless tasks” list and started digging into it. This is the ONLY way I’m able to stay productive on days like today.

What do YOU do on your “off” days? Do you have tricks for staying productive when you’d rather take a nap? (And, uh, sometimes a nap is necessary, for the record.)

Oh, my gosh, you DO need a day off. I’ll be praying for your family. I like to make pins for old posts—I feel productive, but no need to dig into SEO, etc.

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Thank you, @Liz ! Today is better. :grinning:
Making pins is perfect for those off days. You’re still making progress, right?

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Just checked and all my stats are down, but still an audience of 5.5M. Folks must be dieting, LOL!

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I love this idea! I guess a “mindless” task for me is learning. I have so many emails “Starred” that I want to learn from that I take the time to go back to. I also love to write lists and content plan for a day I have more energy. :slight_smile:

I tend to get lost in Canva, creating pins and printables. It’s more like therapy to me, just being creative and not thinking about other stuff. I try to save canva time for the late afternoon or during a movie at night.

@Overthespoonfor gave me an idea. I need to make a specific folder for my read later emails. I might ger one that I want to click the link but then I would be on a rabbit trail. If I put it in the folder then I can push on and look at it later when I need some downtime.

Megan praying the Lord will send quick healing to your hubby’s foot. Also, please keep us posted about the surgery this summer. Would love to walk alongside y’all in prayer during that time.


Thank you @Ginainga ! Definitely will take you up on prayers! :heart: