Using Text at Start of a Post

I read today a post from Mediavine recommending 3-4 paragraphs of text to start off a blog post. This is to help SEO by improving your LCP score. When the post is loaded it doesn’t have to load an image at all until you start moving down the page.

Is anyone already practicing this? 3-4 paragraphs seems like a lot. I know they recommend short sentences. I have being doing text above the image on all new and updates posts for over a year, but not as much text as they are recommending.


Interesting! I have always added one paragraph at the beginning, but I guess I 'll try just moving a couple of paragraphs I have below the image to see if that changes and see what people say about it. I agree that 3-4 seems like a lot.

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I think I may look at trying to push that first image down so it’s only text above the fold but no more than that.

Whoa! I’ve never heard this! Can you paste the post you got this info from, Eric?

@megan This will be a good question to ask Brandon in our zoom meeting with him.

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@Ginainga Definitely!