Using "Big Game" vs "Super Bowl" and why!

Just an FYI with the Super Bowl coming up…it’s a trademarked name, and so you can’t actually use that in any of your recipe titles or marketing! Most people use the term “Big Game”.

Churches have even been sent cease and desist letters for having a party where they use the term! So, I’m always for erring on the side of caution. Besides, if you use “big game”, then you can easily use the recipe for any big game :slight_smile:

Here’s a random article from the internet about it:


I had no idea! Wow, I wonder how many people break this rule (ME!!!).

It does seem to be lesser known than many things. This actually is the same for a variety of sporting events like March Madness and the Olympics. I think it gets confusing because so many people don’t follow the law on it, either because they don’t know or don’t care.

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Definitely made this mistake! Thanks for letting us know!

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