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I just had an epiphany about “link in bio”. So many of us use Linktree, Linkin.bio, or url.bio and I realized a few days ago, why wouldn’t I just make a page on my own website for this purpose?

So I finally got around to it this morning. It will need some tweaking so the images are smaller and look cleaner like the other sites mentioned, but for now, I’m glad I’m linking to my own site and not a 3rd party. I used Media & Text Blocks in the Gutenberg editor and it looks pretty good! Linking just in case you want to see what it looks like (highly suggest you view it in mobile view).

Have you ever thought of this? I really hope you all do this - link to your own page!

*First post so I’m sorry if another category was better suited :grin:


Yes @Zully I love this! I do this for my Eat Blog Talk IG account as well and use Elementor to make the buttons look pretty. I’m so glad you shared about this!

The only question I have is… Do you have to fill information into the page each time you post about a new recipe? I think one of the selling points for services like Linktree is that it auto-updates as you post new content to your blog.

Yes! I used the tutorial in this article to do that previously.

The only thing I didn’t like (as @megan pointed out) is that it doesn’t automatically update and it was a pain to go in and update on my own. Not hard, just annoying :laughing:

I need to look into what services might automatically link because I’ll do it if it’s not taking up too much of my time. And I do think it’s good for your followers.

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Yes, however I’m sure there’s a way to auto generate it… The thing is I have already been doing this as part of my checklist when publishing a post.

I haven’t figured it out just yet, but I bet there’s a way to put a code for it to show a sort of RSS feed with the IG image. So far it doesn’t really bother me that I have to edit it each time - at least it’s within a page on my site and I don’t have to login elsewhere.

That’s a great idea, I have been doing it for a while now. Mine is really simple. - - Eat Like No One Else

I do too, and love it! I use the Feast FSRI Recipes block so that it automatically updates every time I add a new post.

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This is a great idea! I’m also working on creating one. I thought if you have the feast plugin, you could maybe use the FSRI block, but not sure how it would show up to update. (just a thought, I haven’t tried it out yet). Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face: